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How can the quilt fabric be distinguished?

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 Quilt is a daily rest necessary bedding, a good quilt for a warm quilt, giving people comfortable sleep. In addition to good quilts, good quilts have good quilts. Because most of the contact with the skin is the quilt and not the core, and most of the comfort depends on the quilt to decide. So what kind of fabric is comfortably cozy? How can the quilt fabric be distinguished?

How can the quilt fabric be distinguished?
Choose the comfortable quilt, the first thing to choose is the fabric of the quilt, how can the quilt be identified? The following small compilation of this issue for you to share a few small ways to try it!
1. Appearance inspection
Regular silk has been tested, and the silk inside is clear after the opening of the test. Regular silk is not only a quilting, with a needle in the four corners of the quilt and quilt sewn silk to avoid sliding; now some manufacturers use inferior or fake silk silk by doping will adopt the whole quilt quilting, PEG, so that consumers can not test the stuffing inside, this time you pay careful attention to the consumer the.
2. Test of feeling
The surface of high quality silk has a soft and pearl color. It is not blackened, not astringent, and its silk is bright and uniform. It has no fluorescence reflection to diffuse light. It feels soft, delicate, smooth, long and flexible. Mulberry silk is more white than tussah silk, longer fiber, more soft, delicate, smooth, and better elasticity.
3, combustion test method
Casually pulled out a few silk, burned with a lighter look: Silk burning is very low, will not spread, burning soon after death, when burning the smoke is white, and with a burning hair smell protein (hair or feathers of animal protein the smell of burning), burning ashes gently knead black powder; chemical fiber material will spread, burning smoke and pungent odor, black ash and pinch left, into a hard ball, they had obvious differences.


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