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Excellent knowledge of home textile fabric!

FROM:未知Release date:2018-03-02

Activity 40: printing cotton twill cotton twill fabric is made, in China now, especially in the textile manufacturing process is mostly used bedding on the two or three down twill fabric surface, this spun plumpish, dyeing process of easy molding and open sites, namely we often say does not shrink. Twill cotton is larger than plain weave fabric, large amount of yarn and good wear resistance. It is mainly stronger than plain weave, and the shrinkage rate is well controlled. Active dyeing and dyeing is a kind of dyeing technology. This method has fine color, beautiful color and no color. The printing and dyeing of the machine, water and other hardware environment requirements are relatively high, so it is not a small factory can do.
Sanding printing: is a printing process, this kind of material in the postprocessing, for sanding treatment showed a certain sense, cashmere fabric surface, improve the hand feeling of fabric. So what is the sanding? Also called sanding, sanding. Sand roller (or belt) fabric surface grinding a layer of short and dense hair process, known as sanding, sanding and. It can make the warp and weft yarn at the same time to produce the villi, and the villi are short and dense. The suede is smooth, the hand feels plump, soft, rich in cashmere feeling, soft shiny, no aurora. Sanding fabric fluffy, thick, good thermal insulation properties, in the cold night sleep, there is no other human contact with cotton just cold. At the same time, it has the advantages of not pilling and fading. A set of four sets of sanding weight is a common set of four sets of 2 times.
Satin fabric with satin weave fabric made of conventional 173*124CM is combing density of warp and weft density of fabric, soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity, good air permeability, served as a "tribute" was a tribute to emperors. The first fabric itself needs very high density for the yarn, second is mainly the printing and dyeing process of mercerization, increasing the brightness and softness of the fabric. This kind of fabric is smooth and good in hand, and it is very expensive. This product is 60.
Professional design of jacquard fabric: pure cotton high count and high density jacquard textile brand bedding style according to the differences between Chinese and Western culture, products exquisite noble, smooth, bright color, elegant and comfortable, moisture permeability. With wide rapier and projectile weaving machine wide, fine yarn. Generally speaking, the jacquard fabric is woven through the loom, which shows the different parts of the flower form through different forms of organization. The flower type of jacquard fabric has strong stereoscopic feeling and rich flower type. Jacquard fabric generally belongs to high density and high density fabric, soft feel, good gloss.
Satin Jacquard: satin weave based jacquard fabrics and made use of two or several kinds of different organizations, or with the yarn suitable for different raw materials, the surface pattern level and reach the design effect, the process is first after weaving dyeing, product features while retaining the advantages of satin. More levels and changes in color and texture is more attractive than pure satin.
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